Industrial Router

H8922S Dual Sims Cellular Router

H8922 Industrial Dual SIM Cellular Router

H8951 Industrial Cellular Wi-Fi Router

H7960 Din Rail Mounting Cellular Router

H7921 VPN Cellular Router

H8951S Industrial Cellular Wi-Fi Router

H7920 Cellular Router

Cellular Serial Modem

H7710 Cellular Serial Modem

H7210 Cellular serial Modem


H6920 LoRa Gateway

Edge Computing Gateway

X2 Edge Computing Gateway

Android Industrial PC

H9380 Android Industrial PC

H9380E Embedded Android Industrial PC

Mobile DVR

H3900 4G Mobile DVR

IoT Platform

IoT cloud platform

iScan Internet of Vehicle Management System

Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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