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With the advent of information technology era, people's life and consumption patterns have changed greatly. The development of retail machine starts from the user experience, improves the quality and function of retail machine, seizes the opportunity of new consumption mode in the new retail era, and makes retail machine a part of people's work and life service function unit. At present, the development of new technology and the inflow of new capital bring new vitality to the industry, help the industry upgrade, innovate constantly, meet the diversified needs of consumers and adapt to the changing market. Hongdian launched Andriod IPC for new retail machines, easily solve the problem sales management and maintenance management, realize intelligent upgrading of traditional retail machines, supports human-machine interaction, LCD ADS and various payment methods such as QR code and face scan payment.


Due to limitation of technology, with traditional retail machines, there are often failures such as shortage of material path and machine failure. At the same time, the operation of retail machines is affected because the management personnel of retail machines do not know the failure situation and deal with it in time. The declaration of retail machine failure can only be made through regular inspection by the management personnel or telephone declaration by the public, This not only delays the time of troubleshooting, but also affects the service quality of retail machine operation company. 


Hongdian has launched an AI intelligent industrial computer H9380P based on the integration of IOT technology and AI technology, which provides hardware support such as face brushing payment and machine vision applications, supports multi light source face recognition, multi camera visual recognition, runs naked eye 3D, and supports a variety of AI application scenarios; Adapt to all kinds of vending machine peripheral interface, provide a variety of protocol docking, support access to mainstream 3D camera manufacturers on the market; At the same time, Acer adopts off-line automatic connection technology for network disconnection detection, supports intelligent dialing, realizes self detection and self maintenance of 3G / 4G network links, supports independent dialing process guard and dialing optimization, ensures high-speed and stable real-time communication, and solves problems such as slow network speed, frequent network disconnection due to large traffic, unstable operation speed of dual card, etc. In the center, the wedora RMS platform is provided to support the real-time remote monitoring and management of H9380P and ensure the stable operation of the system. The system provides perfect intelligent and reliable upgrade solutions for new retail.

Topology Diagram


Efficient and Safe Payment - Compared to the traditional self-service vending machine, the most important thing of smart self-service vending machine is its scanning code payment and face-swiping payment methods are more efficient and safe.

Integrated Management - By data uploading, integration and analysis, the operation level of self-service vending cabinets can be improved. With the advantages of "unmanned front-end and intelligent back-end", it is more conducive to the wider deployment of self-service vending cabinets.

Reduce Labor Costs - Compared with manual sales, in the context of unmanned new retail, smart devices such as self-service vending cabinets and self-service cash registers can reduce the labor costs.

Increasing Income - adding LCD advertising screens can bring new income.

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